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About Us
photoPod at corporate event
  • Professional Camera
  • Each 18 megapixel photograph from a photo booth session is saved individually and into a separate file on each event-specific custom print design for reprints that can be made at a later time.
  • Superior Lighting
  • photoPod utilizes the same type of softbox lighting used in professional photography studios. The professionally designed softbox provides a modeling light so that visitors are never left in the dark during their photo booth session and the light provides soft, flattering light for memorable prints.
  • User Interface
  • Each photo session is controlled by a 23” touchscreen monitor. Visitors can select color or black-and-white photos and the monitor also serves as a mirror so guests can pose uniquely each time. The host can choose from 3-4 consecutive shots for each photo session.
  • High-Speed Archival Printing
  • At the completion of each session, prints from the Pod’s commercial-grade photo printer are printed in about 15-20 seconds each and can be retrieved through the photo slot on the exterior of the Pod. The print output is a matte finish similar to the luster paper used by most professional photographers and serves as the perfect souvenir for any occassion.
  • Props
  • Every photoPod packages comes with a variety of cool props to choose from. Guests can make their moments even more momerable by incorporating these in their shots.
  • Post-Event Reproductions
  • After each event, the host receives a USB drive with all of the original photos and print layouts in full resolution for printing, viewing and social networking. Clients also receive a login so guests can access all the images online and place orders for reprints if desired.
photoPod at wedding