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Photo Booths – The New Extraordinary…

Weddings are special. The bride glows with joy, the groom beams with pride and all the guests and family are delighted with the occasion. But sometimes it is challenging to make your wedding day truly memorable especially for your guests. Wedding planners, brides, grooms and their families spend months and months planning to make this day the most beautiful and memorable for everyone. You want to give your guests a time to remember! Having a photo booth at your wedding function covers all your bases, and to top it all, you get the credit!

Photo booths capture the spirit of your event in a way nothing else can. They are the perfect solution to add an element of fun to any wedding function – the mehendi, sangeet, cocktail party, wedding or the reception. Immensely popular with the guests, photo booths draw huge crowds, generate excitement and inspire contagious laughter. The customized photo-strips make for a unique memento that will forever remind the guests of your special day.

This is how it works: a fully automatic and digital photo booth that clicks a series of pictures, is set-up at the wedding function. A prop basket – full of giant and fun glasses, boas, glitzy head gear, etc. is provided to get the fun rolling. Guests enter the booth, choose their props, and pose within the privacy of the photo booth. Guests are always a lot more relaxed when they can control the booth on their own, rather than stand and pose for a photographer. Once they step-out, they can immediately collect their fun prints. Photo booths have the uncanny ability to elicit silliness out of the most introverted of people.

Guests enjoy the spontaneous nature of clicking their own pictures, while hosts and wedding planners can relax and enjoy their event knowing that they will have a great document of all the fun.You and your guests will have plenty to smile and giggle about looking at those pictures even years later!

Most recently, at the mehendi ceremony of Arjun Hitkari and Gayatri Misra, the who’s-who of the SoBo circle posed for instant fun pictures with photoPod – a fully automatic and digital photo booth rental service in Mumbai. While photoPod was kept busy playing paparazzi, the guests couldn’t get enough of it either!

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