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When hosting a product launch, fundraiser, or grand opening what are your goals? If you’re like most organizations, you want to raise awareness. You’re inviting guests to your store or to an event venue to introduce them to a product, service or cause. With social media, events can be an even better marketing tool than in days gone by. Event guests are live blogging, tweeting, or maybe just taking a picture of the food you’re serving to post to Facebook.

photoPod recognizes this and aims to make it even more impactful. We can upload your pictures directly to Facebook, for a live public facing look at what is going on at your event. The implications can’t be overstated. For those that have already Liked your page, their newsfeed will be updated with the pictures being taken, and might prompt them to make the trip to your party to join in the fun. For guests they have the opportunity to view the pictures they have taken right from thier smartphone instantly. Those guests might also tag themselves in your photos, broadcasting that image to all their friends as well. If you have a branded backdrop this is the type of marketing you can’t even pay for!
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Further, photoPod can make your event or promotion extremely memorable by maintaining the brand’s visibility on the photo-strip. In other words, people will constantly be reminded of the brand every time they look at their picture. Another reality is that people live, touch and experience brands in the digital age. Thus on the social media platform, once the soft copies of the pictures are uploaded, people tend to share them on networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. They could tag other people, or even put these up as their display pictures, which means that your brand is constantly being viewed!

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