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We believe that for every occasion (party, wedding, any other event!), props are a MUST HAVE! They undoubtedly add excitement and drama into the ‘what-pose-should-I-do?’ moments. Over the course of time, we have realized that these props create the most fun consistently.

1. Funky and over-sized sunglasses – the ultimate photo booth fashion statement
2. Boas – to release the inner diva in your guests
3. Whiteboards – Let your guests write you personal messages
4. Moustaches – We’ve all seen ‘Muchadd Singh’, why not sport a mustache like him!
5. Empty Picture Frames – Have your guests act like they are in a portrait
6. Word / Thought Bubbles – Let your guests think and say funny things to each other inside the booth
7. Funny hats – Some of the goofiest pictures are credited to hats!
8. Colorful Garlands – To add a dash of color to your guests’ outfits
9. Cardboard cut-out of the hosts – Your guests can click pictures with you in the photo booth too!
10. Random Items – Some of the best pictures we’ve seen are when the guests get creative and grab and item (or even a person!) from the event and include it as a prop!

Besides these, it is a good idea to personalize your props to incorporate the theme of the event. The more creative you get with your props the more creative your guests will get with their pictures ultimately leaving you with even more priceless photos to cherish.

Aao, pose karo!

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