Why you should have photoPod at your event?

Young and old alike, we all love pictures. They remind us of places we’ve been to and the experiences we’ve share with various people in our lives. Photographs document our lives.

Now imagine having a photo booth at your wedding, easily one of the most important days of your life. You spend months and months planning to make this day the most beautiful and memorable for you and your guests. You want to give your guests a time to remember. PhotoPod covers all your bases, and to top it all, you get the credit!

Here are some very good reasons to consider having photoPod at your event:

FUN: Photo booths have an uncanny ability to elicit silliness out of the most introverted of people. When the curtain closes, people let loose with their friends and family. Capture a side of your guests you’ve never seen before!

INSTANT PHOTOS: photoPod takes less than 15 seconds to print the images. This means all your guests will have an opportunity to get into the booth and try to outdo one another. There’s nothing like a little sibling rivalry to see who can make the goofiest strip or seeing the charm of 12 people trying to fit in the same frame!

CREATE MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME: Photo booths can capture more candid shots than the photographers can. The guests are more willing to be themselves. And you and guests will have plenty to smile and giggle about looking at those pictures – even years later…

Here’s to all the awesome photoPod moments you can enjoy!

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